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Attraction - Lust - Love - Faith

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My son turned 1 today…..

My god, what a year it has been. Nothing will make me happier than seeing his smile every day, seeing him grow and watching him explore the world around him.

Everytime I am sad or angry and I see his cheeky smile, my anger and sadness melts away. There were moments in my life before I met Jenson that I would say I was proud of myself, where people around me would say “well done Jaymee”, but my proudest moment was meeting my little bue-eyed Jenson exactly a year ago.

Before I met him, I was worried and nervous as I am still very young. But when I finally held him, my worries faded away. I felt like I had nothing to be nervous about because I was no longer alone, I had him. Just like Jenson is learning to walk and talk, I am still learning to become the best mother I can be and an overall better person. I am not proud of many things I have done in the past, but you learn to grow yourself. Even if I am turning 20 and my son is turning 1, we are still learning to become who we really are.

I was always worried about being alone, due to many reasons. But now I have nothing to stress about, because every day and night I will see my baby boy, and nothing will beat seeing his happiness.

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